Blog On!

pgEdit 1.0 is out the door and I'm finally getting around to this. I'll be up front and say I much prefer programming over writing, but I'm hoping my time spent here will help me create better products. I think this can happen by sharing what I'm working on, how it is being implemented, and listening to your feedback and comments. Even if you don't want to login, feel free to send feedback anytime to the email address on the support page.

But this blog won't be all work and no play. In addition to PostgreSQL and product development topics, expect to see entries about Lisp, user interface design, education, and anything else that might be interesting at the moment.

pgEdit 1.1 development is just getting under way, so now is the time to tell me what can be improved from the first version and what new features you would like to see. To get things started, I created a new features poll. Looking forward to hearing from you.