pgEdit 1.1 beta

The first beta of pgEdit 1.1 is now available. New features and enhancements include:

  • Error information is collected with each execution. New commands to jump to each error location in the file even if lines are added or removed.
  • Improved integration with psql; most psql commands are now supported including \connect and \copy.
  • PHP integration. PHP can act as a preprocessor for SQL code or perform other scripting tasks. Mixed syntax coloring of PHP and SQL in the same file is supported including syntax coloring for pl/PHP stored procedures. PHP 5 is included with the distribution, so no extra configuration is required to use this feature. See PHP example.
  • Faster and better syntax coloring. stdin data for COPY is ignored for coloring (unless followed a PHP tag).
  • New options for execution and output. Output can be sent to a file and then opened automatically with pgEdit, your web browser, or other applications.
  • Improved user interface with the editor and output panes available in the same view.

pgEdit 1.1 beta is free of all demonstration limitations through the end of May.

See the download page for software and system requirements.