pgEdit 1.2 released is pleased to announce the release of pgEdit 1.2, a powerful tool for PostgreSQL database development and administration. Changes since the release of version 1.1 include:

  • New grid-based query browser tool. Result sets of any size are efficiently handled using automatic cursor management (no use of COUNT(*) or LIMIT/ORDER BY to manage paging).
  • Definition (e.g. function, table, trigger) parsing and searching commands.
    1. Find Definition - Finds the definition source by name (with completion) in any open file. Jumps directly to the definition without prompting if the highlighted text matches the name of a definition.
    2. List Buffer Definitions - List all of the definitions in the file with an icon corresponding to the definition type. Full keyboard control for type-ahead selection, jump to definition (Return), or cancel (Escape).
  • Added option to store preferences (e.g. last connection, syntax mode, character encoding, etc.) in comments within the source file.
  • Implemented multiple-level undo operations.
  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL 8.1 (includes psql 8.1). Added tab completion support for new 8.1 SQL commands.
  • Integrated PHP 5.1 which includes support for prepared statement processing and execution.

pgEdit 1.2 operates in trial mode for 30 days without a registration key. There are no feature limitations or restrictions during the evaluation period. See the product information page for a complete list of pgEdit features.