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pgEdit is a high performance SQL editor and development environment designed specifically for PostgreSQL relational databases. pgEdit features include:

SQL Syntax coloring optimized for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL represents function bodies as single quoted strings which most editors render with a single color. pgEdit promotes better usability and correctness by using SQL syntax coloring within the body of function strings. Keyword coloring is based directly on the source code of PostgreSQL.

SQL source code execution without saving files or switching applications

SQL source code execution without saving the file or switching applications
pgEdit pgEdit can execute the SQL source code for (1) the entire buffer, (2) the highlighted region, (3) the current SQL line containing the cursor, or (4) the current SQL line to the end of the file buffer. pgEdit also supports command-line style execution of SQL where there is no need to include the source code in an editor document.

Direct integration with psql, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal

In addition to SQL, almost all psql commands are supported. This provides a powerful facility for examining, designing, and managing databases.

Fast, grid-based query browser

Result sets of any size are efficiently handled using automatic cursor management (no use of COUNT(*) or LIMIT/ORDER BY to manage paging). Columns are automatically sized and aligned to fit the result set. Execute one SQL line at a time simply by putting the cursor anywhere on the line and pressing a user configurable key stroke. This makes it fast and easy to work interactively just by typing a series of SQL commands in the buffer. No special history mechanism is needed -- simply move the cursor to any line and execute it.

PHP integration

PHP can act as a preprocessor for SQL code or perform other scripting tasks. Mixed syntax coloring of PHP and SQL in the same file is supported including syntax coloring for pl/PHP stored procedures.

Extensive and customizable editing facilities

pgEdit is a full featured text editor with hundreds of commands available. A friendly interface is included to provide online documentation and customize the key bindings for any command. Menu shortcuts can also be customized. pgEdit supports traditional Macintosh® and Windows editing features, as well as Emacs-style key bindings.

Integrated documentation

Help in pgEdit is provided with context sensitive links to the online documentation displayed in your preferred web browser. The PostgreSQL documentation is also included with direct links to important sections provided in the pgEdit Help menu. The documentation for the SQL command nearest to the cursor can be retrieved by pressing a user configurable key sequence.

Cross platform and easy to install

pgEdit is a native application for both Windows and Macintosh (Universal Binary). It does not use Java or require installation of external libraries. You have the option of using the version of psql included with pgEdit or a different version installed anywhere on your hard drive.

Windows Screenshots | Macintosh Screenshots | Why pgEdit?